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Inclusive Community Events

It is so important for parents and children alike to form long lasting, supportive networks and friendships within their local communities and beyond. The Friend in Me Organisation helps to create and nurture those friendships in a fun, safe and welcoming environment. One of the aims of the Friend in Me is to reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation that children can experience by bringing families together to meet, share, laugh and connect with each other all whilst raising money for charity.

What People Are Saying About Friend In Me


What an amazing event! I just love the idea behind this party and having not lived in Melbourne for very long, I thought this would be a great chance for my son and I to meet other people in our area. Will just had the best time and we can’t wait for next year. You’re wonderful!

Lauren McDonald

18th July 2018

I participated as a volunteer costumed performer at the last event in 2018. It’s such an amazingly good thing to do that I’m making it my main charity to get behind. Well done!

Aaron James

17th August 2018

This was a fantastic event – as a mother of a boy with ASD I cannot express enough my thanks for the careful planning of those involved especially the inclusion of a calming room

Janine Forbes

13th July 2018